COVID 19: Health & Safety Compliance Policy

Procedure for pupils of JAM Music Lessons

• On arrival at the lesson venue, pupils will be met by a member of the management team who will direct them to their lesson location. Parents MUST remain outside the facility.

• All pupils will be asked to go to the washroom facility to thoroughly wash hands and use the anti-bacterial solution provided before making way to their assigned location.

• Pupils will be assigned to a tutor who will then work with them each week until normal group lessons can resume. Lessons may be taught in pairs in which case the same pupils will be paired up each week.

• Pupils MUST use JAM Music Schools instruments for lessons. Pupils own instruments will NOT be allowed on the premises (own drum sticks are allowed). All JAM instruments will be cleaned thoroughly before each lesson.

• In addition to all instruments; tables, chairs and other equipment used will also be cleaned between each session. We have allowed a ten minute gap between each lesson for this to happen and will be providing cleaning materials. Staff will sanitise their hands between lessons.

• To avoid the joint handling of music sheets we will be providing laminated copies for staff to use each week that will be sprayed with antibacterial spray after each group has used them. These MUST NOT be removed by pupils. Teaching materials will be available via the website

• Due to the increased risk of airborne transmission, no singing is allowed during the lessons. Also, volume is to be kept to a minimum so that staff are not having to raise voices to get themselves heard. This applies to all instruments.

• When the lesson is finished pupils are to make sure that all their possessions are taken with them. They are to make their way directly to the front entrance where a member of the management team will ensure that they are collected by their parents. Before leaving the building they will be asked to use the hand sanitiser provided.