We're Back!

We're back after lockdown I'm pleased to report and it seems like a great time to begin a regular blog! We are grateful to have had fabulous support from our loyal customers as we have been closed since March! So a massive Thank You to you guys.

As a 'payback' we are doubling up lessons for our regular customers and so the sessions are pretty busy (within observation of the social distancing rules of course!).

So what's new at JAM HQ? Well during the layoff we maintained the instruments and tidied up the office and did all the, 'when we have time for it' jobs! Currently we are working on our social media, bringing our website and Facebook up to date, setting up an Instagram account generally settling back to 'full-on' mode!

We are not able to do our weekly live playing sessions due to the current restrictions at either the Saturday or Tuesday sessions but hope to resume these after the October half term break.

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