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Welcome to JAM Music Schools!

We are a family run music teaching organisation based in Market Bosworth and we have been teaching music professionally since 2005.

The Music lessons we offer are delivered on week days at participating schools through our [Junior Academy of Music] Our singing lessons are also on week-days [Sing! singing lessons] and at Weekends and Evening Sessions we teach through [JAM Music Lessons/Sessions].

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Our Music Lessons Inspire,
Increase Confidence and importantly...are FUN! 

JAM-quote.jpgThe quotation to the right is real...and has been deliberately not corrected for spelling - it is how it was written by one of our pupils. It illustrates the point about JAM - we allow room for our young learners to be themselves and encourage them to develop their musical skills at their own pace, within their comfort zone, BUT under the guidance of our tutors.