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Welcome to JAM Music Schools! 
Music Lessons in Hinckley, Leicester Forest East,
Market Bosworth and Nuneaton

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Thanks for visiting us! We are proud to be a small family-owned organization, established in 2005, offering great service and value to our learners. At our four venues, we offer lessons with a difference, in Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards and Ukulele. Click below to book a FREE taster, or read on to find out why we are different.

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Learning to play a musical instrument can be difficult. Practising alone and without a specific goal, can seem a futile pursuit, especially to a younger person. Which is why we do things differently here at JAM Music Schools. We aim to make our lessons inspiring, engaging and fun. Our tutors are COOL, helpful and they love teaching. Our lessons are structured to deliver instrument skills using contemporary rock & pop songs, skills which are then put into practice, live, every week in our exclusive JAM sessions. We can also offer independently examined Rockschool tuition as an option. Oh, did we mention specific goals earlier? We think that performing at an outdoor live gig, on a festival sized stage, is a goal worth striving for! All our pupils are invited to participate in our annual event which is exactly that!

This opportunity is provided in partnership with Market Bosworth Festival.
Please book a FREE, no obligation, taster session or click our current offers tab above, to experience why

JAM Music lessons are different.

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