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We have been teaching popular music professionally since 2005.

Junior Academy of Music is a family owned organization established by Rachel & Dave Carter. We have been teaching music professionally for over ten years. We now have a staff team of nine, mostly either grade eight or degree qualified and all with enhanced DBS checks. We are currently working with more than twenty local schools including a special needs school and an autism unit. We can provide references if necessary.

We have found over the years that we usually tailor our provision to each school’s requirements but here is an overview of the services we can provide...

Peripatetic tuition - (group or individual) in guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, vocals, ukulele, ocarina, recorder.  Where appropriate, we bring instruments into school for pupil use, such as electronic drum kit and guitars. There is no additional cost for use of our equipment during lesson times.

Whole of class / Workshops – Customised to each individual school requirements but anything from a one-off session, a term, or even a full academic year, on for example, boomwackers, African drumming, ocarina, music theory and song-writing. These sessions can be set within thematic or curriculum frameworks.

After school Rockschools – These usually have a performance focus and not so much on learning – we find they work better for children that can already play an instrument.

Live performance – We are involved in the organization of ‘Bosfest’ for Market Bosworth Festival and Hinckley & Bosworth Council’s ‘Snapdragon’ Festival and also several events at Twycross Zoo on an annual basis. These events provide live performance opportunities for all of the children we teach. In addition, we aim to stage at least one school performance per year within our peripatetic pupil’s schools. We know from experience that nothing improves a child’s self-confidence like taking part in a live performance.

Popular Style Instruments

We teach popular style guitar, drums, keyboards and bass on a peripatetic basis. 

  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Keyboards
  • Bass

Small Group Lessons & One-to-One

We offer lessons in groups of (maximum four) learners or as one to one (drum tuition is ONLY offered one to one) and our lessons are usually 30 minutes duration.

Where required we can run our lessons in conjunction with the school timetables to ensure minimum impact on academic lessons.

"Minimum impact on academic lessons"

Class Sessions

In addition to our in-school peripatetic lessons we are able to offer whole of class sessions from a single session to a whole year in programs that can be developed with partner schools. These may be based on recorder, ocarina or boom-whackers and can include musical theory.

It is our aim to minimise our burden on partner school’s resources by taking care of the administration and invoicing of parents directly.

Positive Impacts and Benefits

Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument can have a positive effect on academic learning ability [click here to find out more]. In our experience of teaching many hundreds of children we have found taking part in live concerts to be extremely valuable to young people not only in terms of academic learning but also in developing team-work discipline and in helping to build self-confidence. To this end we work with partner schools to offer our pupils the opportunity to play live over the course of the academic year.

“One of my greatest joys about the job we do is having the satisfaction to know we can make a difference to some children’s lives. I believe certain children find it difficult to connect with academic subjects and perhaps they don’t connect with sport, maybe they lack self-esteem because they don’t have anything they can ‘own’. It is a situation I recognise because at school, I was that child. I can say without a shadow of doubt that learning an instrument and being able to play, gave direction to my life. I know that through music we can inspire certain children to make something of their lives.”

Dedicated, Qualified and DBS Checked

We remain a family-owned organisation and have a team of eight tutors all suitably qualified and holding enhanced DBS checks.

FREE Musical Assembly?

We would be delighted to offer your school a (free of charge) musical assembly which involves us bringing in some instruments to demonstrate and then play a few songs live to the children.


  • Alison Ruff, Head Teacher, Congerstone Primary School.
  • Sheila Crichton, Head Teacher, Marriott Primary School.
  • Heather Causon, Head Teacher, Newbold Verdon Primary School.
  • Sue Jackson, Head of Music, Redmoor Academy.

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